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Salt cave installation & fitting London - design & building

Salt Caves are objects of unique, almost fairy-tale appearance, built of white salt bricks. Their structure allows creating specific rooms, which whiteness and multi-colour illumination foster our clients' relaxation and music contemplation possibilities.

We can build it for you!



CRYSTAL SALT CHAMBER are products of the highest quality which accurately imitate the micro climate prevailing in Wieliczka Salt Mine Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre.

SALT GROTTOS are objects built of natural SALT LUMPS, constituting perfect replicas of natural grottos whose micro climate supports healing different diseases.

SALT CAVES are objects of unique appearance, build of salt bricks. Their structure allows creation of distinctive rooms, whose whiteness and multi-colour illumination foster relaxation possibilities and contemplation of music.



How the treatment looks like:
Cold gel is applied to the designated area; dark glasses protect your eyes from the bright light.
Next the device is held over the skin and light pulses begin to penetrate the skin.
Number of required treatments depends on the type, colour and hair growth density of the skin areas the treatment is carried out on. The effects are already visible after the first treatment and the skin looks and feels fresh and smooth. The programme is planned to meet your individual needs, treatments are effective, painless and safe.

Recommended before treatment:

• Do not use sun beds or expose your skin to the intensive sun 2 weeks before and after the treatment.• Do not wax or tweeze the hair, shave hair instead.
Effectively, painlessly, confidently! Treatments can be done at customers’ home –patented flash system, will solve your problems!
Discoloration removal
• Removal of vascular lesions
• Removal of unwanted hair

Welcome to the latest generation of photo rejuvenation without laser.








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