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Dust Free Interior Design - Allergy Free Home Design

Better health and wellbeing is guaranteed in a seaside resort and a sanatorium located in a salt-mine with a specific wholesome ambience. Scientific research has proved the healing quality of salt, and not only of that dissolved in brine but also when contained at a right proportion in the air.

We can make your home allergy free using salt material!

SALT PICTURES, thanks to their unique aesthetic values, our Salt Pictures gives an additional shine and a touch of good taste to every single interior, even as small components of the décor.

SALT PLATES made of natural crystals of rock salt give fantastic visual impressions of beautiful nature, excellent work, charming colouring and also have a positive effect on your health.

they are thoroughly designed by our experts to fit nearly every sauna type. Their innovative structure and manufacturing process had been patented until they were finally introduced to the European and world markets. Their properties allow to enrich the air in sauna with micro elements contained in salt, which positively influence well-being and health of saunas' users.

SALT PUZZLES thanks to countless number of combinations of 22 different patterns of SALT PUZZLES pieces, you can create your own, unique picture, which can be further expanded and changed without any limits!

CRYSTAL SALT CHAMBER are products of the highest quality which accurately imitate the micro climate prevailing in Wieliczka Salt Mine Underground Rehabilitation and Treatment Centre.

SALT GROTTOS are objects built of natural SALT LUMPS, constituting perfect replicas of natural grottos whose micro climate supports healing different diseases.

SALT CAVES are objects of unique appearance, build of salt bricks. Their structure allows creation of distinctive rooms, whose whiteness and multi-colour illumination foster relaxation possibilities and contemplation of music.



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